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Fair Share Statement In Response To Jersey City IZO Passage


December 15th, 2021


Alex Staropoli, (914) 469-0060,

Earlier this evening, the City Council in Jersey City passed a new inclusionary zoning ordinance that will help safeguard housing affordability in Jersey City.

The ordinance requires at least 15% of new units to be affordable that are built in the wealthiest parts of the City, including the downtown and the waterfront. At least 10% of new units must be affordable in all other areas of the city. If a developer obtains a tax abatement from the City, at least 15% of the units must be affordable; and if a developer obtains tax credits or other support from the State of New Jersey, at least 20% of the units must be affordable.

In response to the passing of the ordinance, Adam Gordon, Executive Director of Fair Share Housing Center, issued the following statement:

“The inclusionary zoning ordinance passed this evening is an important step forward for Jersey City.  Itrequires that new residential development include homes affordable for families of all income levels –not just those at the very top. 

As rents and home prices continue to rapidly rise in Jersey City and across New Jersey, many individuals and families, particularly working families of color, have been displaced. An effective inclusionary zoning ordinance is critical to maintaining affordability and preventing displacement, and it is a key component of a comprehensive strategy for racial and socioeconomic inclusion. 

Fair Share Housing Center is committed to continuing to work with advocates and elected officials in Jersey City to pursue policies that will make sure that working families and communities of color can live, work, and thrive in the city that is their home.”